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Ukrainians have always appreciated the local destinations for the two main reasons: they are really beautiful and extremely affordable.

In Ukraine there is a huge number of castles, residences of kings, forts, universities, churches, 3 unique Orthodox monasteries (a monastery with a special status). And also the salt lakes in the Carpathians, waterfalls, canyons, monuments of architecture, traces of past civilizations and many other attractions.


To start with, Kiev’s two airports (Boryspil and Kiev International Airport) receive the largest number of flights, coming from different parts of the world to Ukraine. Therefore, the capital of the country is the primary destination for many. However, it is not the only reason to come to Kiev. The ancient city is rich in sightseeing attractions, historical sites, diverse neighbourhoods and an immense range of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs. Locals come to the city just for the weekend to enjoy themselves, as Kiev is perfectly adapted to long walks and outdoor activities.


The port city of Odessa, located on the Black Sea, is the most visited destination by Ukrainians in the summer. It offers equipped beaches (Langeron and Arcadia), as well as many leisure day-and-night clubs (Bono Beach Club or Ibiza Beach Club) with swimming pool activities and wild parties round-the-clock. Odessa is also popular for its cultural life, namely, festivals. For instance, the Odessa International Film Festival, held annually in the middle of July, is one of the main film events in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Z-Games is the one and only festival of extreme sports in Ukraine.


The young city of Nikolaev is the capital of brides and shipbuilders, founded in 1879. Nikolaev is still quite young, naturally by the standards of the cities. He is only 220 years old. And all this time he is called "city of brides" and "city of weddings"
Because of its convenient location, the Mykolaiv region was inhabited since time immemorial. Back in the beginning of our era here lived the Sarmatians and Scythians, and the Greeks erected here their colonies.

The city of Nikolaev is the administrative center of this southern region of Ukraine. The status of the city was received a year after its foundation - in 1790. Founded as a city-shipyard by Prince Grigory Potemkin, Nikolaev remains faithful to his cause to this day. Here is one of the largest shipbuilding plants in Ukraine - "Ocean".

It is also worth noting that, despite its industrial origin, the city and the region as a whole are rich in monuments of architecture. Sights of Nikolaev are, first and foremost, the most beautiful zoo in the country and the domestic "Disneyland" - the children's town "Skazka". Of particular interest are the Nikolaev Museum of Shipbuilding and the Fleet Boulevard - one of the most beautiful Ukrainian embankments.

The sights of the Mykolayiv region are represented mainly by the historical and archaeological reserve in the village of Parutino. The "Olbia" preserved fragments of the Greek tiled pavement, the temple of Apollo, the crypts of the mounds of Zeus. We can not forget that the region is rich in reserves. You can get closer to nature in the biosphere reserve of the Black Sea, in the parks "Priingulsky" and "Granite-Stepnoe Pobuzhye". In the Mykolayiv region is also one of the most beautiful in the country reserved tracts - "Trikratsky forest." In its composition enters the tract "Labyrinth" and "Vasiliev apiary".


Lviv is another of the most-visited destinations in Ukraine. Locals love the inspiring atmosphere of the city, which closely resembles old Europe with cobbled streets, splendid architectural ensembles, carriages and numerous monuments. There are beautiful cathedrals and churches, splendid theatres, wide and green boulevards. In addition, Lviv is a gastronomic capital of Ukraine, with a large array of eateries in which to grab a hearty breakfast or brunch, enjoy a cup of fragrant fresh coffee, or have an exquisite dinner or a late-night snack.

The Carpathian Mountains