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What can you get while attending our events?

1. We give you the opportunity to come into contact with a many of beautiful girls who are ready to  marry a foreigner.

2. We will organize an entertainment program, and make your vacation in Ukraine not forgettable.

3. We will give you the maximum support for a comfortable stay in Ukraine. - We'll pick up you from      the airport, bring it to the hotel. - We will choise for you hotel with the best location in the city, s o that  you can freely see all the best places in the city. - We will organize tour the city, in the company of the  most beautiful girls. - You will receive constant support from the organizers of the tour.

4. Every day of stay in Ukraine will be filled with pleasant surprises.

5. We prepare for you the best dishes of traditional cuisine.                            

6. At the end of the trip you will receive gifts from us and unforgettable emotions.

Star Tour Open
Summer this is fantastic time for enjoy for new relations, for fun do new one. STAR MARRIAGE company have a big plan, organize. What is this? this is weekend party for foreigns man and Ukrainian girls! This will patry on the beach, with beach volleyball, with music and dance near..........
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What programs are included in the tour?

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Meeting at the airport (transfer airport-hotel-airport)
Settlement in a hotel or apartment in the city center.

(5 days)
2 day sightseeing tour
unlimited dating with ukrainian girls
(walks around the city, dinner at a restaurant with a girl, visiting popular places in the city)
+ a gift from the organizers of the tour FREE VISIT TO THE SPA SALON (MASSAGE)
+ gift from tour organizers (photo and video)
meeting translation

1500 $

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